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Mobile Monday Kampala (MoMoKla) is a community of mobile industry visionaries, developers and influentials fostering cooperation and cross-border business development through virtual and live networking events to share ideas, best practices and trends from global markets.

MoMoKla was formed on January, 20th 2010 by a group of 40 founding members consisting of professionals in Uganda's telecommunication, academia, media and ICT sectors. The chapter was launched officially on March 8, 2010 (Women's Day).

Mobile Monday Kampala has the following objectives:

  • To encourage innovation within the mobile sector.
  • To facilitate networking between small and large companies, and between local and foreign.
  • To help local companies effectively participate in international initiatives through the import and export of visions, concepts, technologies, know-how and best practices.
  • To present innovative visions, trends, studies and forecasts from the mobile marketplace.
  • To build networks between people, companies and finance.
  • To bridge the gap between local and global mobile industries
  • To share the knowledge of Mobile Industry Experts

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